Including Learners with Disabilities in Meaningful Mathematics

The following post includes links from a presentation for the UCLA Math Project on May 3, 2016

Don’t Mourn For Us by Jim Sinclair

Loud Hands, a project of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets and math on youcubed (along with other brain research, such as neuroplasticity)

Universal Design for Learning by CAST

Research on links between dsylexia and spatial processing

Blog post by dyslexic mathematician

Download a copy of Foote & Lambert 2011 ( the article on students with IEPs and their participation in a relational thinking CGI routine)

Contemplate and Calculate:An instructional routine that can help students with LD ( and all learners!) engage in the mathematical practice standards. This link takes you to TEDD, which gives an overview of the activity.

Using Contemplate Then Calculate with students with significant disabilities, a blog post by Andy Gael, an advocate for including kids with disabilities in meaningful mathematics.

A list of resources on Complex Instruction by James Sheldon, another advocate for including kids with disabilities in meaningful mathematics.




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