Beyond Differentiation

The following post includes links from a presentation on October 17, 2016.

A blog post explaining neurodiversity

A great book to learn more about neurodiversity in classrooms: Armstrong, T. (2012). Neurodiversity in the classroom; Strength-based strategies to help students with special needs succeed in school and life. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

Universal Design for Learning by CAST

Research on links between dsylexia and spatial processing

Blog post by a dyslexic mathematician

The Dyslexic Advantage website


PDF of Differentiation Talk (draft)

Memoirs written by people with learning disabilities referenced in the presentation

Abeel, S. (2005). My Thirteenth Winter: A Memoir. New York, NY: Scholastic.

Arrowsmith-Young, B., & M.D, N. D. (2013). The Woman Who Changed Her Brain: How I Left My Learning Disability Behind and Other Stories of Cognitive Transformation (Reprint edition). Simon & Schuster.

Jr, Jackson. J. T. (2010). Shhhhhhh, I Have Something to Say: The Joe Thomas Story. S.l.: PublishAmerica.

Peel, R. (n.d.). My Dyslexic Journey.  Retrieved from

Rodrigues, J. (2013). High School Dropout to Harvard: A Dyslexia Success Story. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Young, K. (2012). Smart on the inside: A true story about succeeding in spite of learning disabilities. Highland Park, IL: Writers of the Round Table

Young, S. (2011). How I Learned.

Collections of narratives written by individuals with learning disabilities

Connor, D. J. (2007). Urban Narratives: Portraits in Progress; Life at the Intersections of Learning Disability, Race, and Social Class. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Rodis, P., Garrod, A., & Boscardin, M. L. (2001). Learning disabilities and life stories. Allyn and Bacon.


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