NCSM Presentation- quick links

I wanted to share the entire essay by Lynn Pelkey, Lynn Pelkey’s Story

  • Pelkey, L. (2001). In the LD bubble. In P. Rodis, A. Garrod, & M. L. Boscardin (Eds.), Learning disabilities and life stories. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.

This article is a summary of lots of what I talked about today, but more organized!

  • Lambert, R. (2018). “Indefensible, Illogical, and Unsupported”; Countering Deficit Mythologies about the Potential of Students with Learning Disabilities in Mathematics. Education Sciences, 8(2), 72.

This article is a summary of the problems with math ed research compared to special ed research in math, and how that relates to problem-solving

  • Lambert, R., & Tan, P. (2017). Conceptualizations of students with and without disabilities as mathematical problem solvers in educational research: A critical review. Education Sciences, 7(2), 51.

And here is the PDF of all the slides



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