Research Projects

Neurodiversity Math Project : Rachel Lambert (University of California Santa Barbara) and Edmund Harriss (University of Arkansas)(website) are beginning a study on the mathematical thinking/strengths of adults with dyslexia, focused on those who work in STEM. We seek to better understand how strengths associated with dyslexia, such as visual-spatial skills, may impact mathematical thinking at the highest levels. Our study is designed to leverage the understandings of experts with dyslexia, otherwise known as people with dyslexia.

Number Strings 4 Number Sense: In this study, we are analyzing the participation and mathematical thinking of students (focusing on neurodiverse students) in grades 3-5 who participate in a series of number string routines on multiplication and/or division.

Access to the Mathematical Practices (AMP): This study analyzes how teachers can increase participation in mathematical problem solving and discussion for students with disabilities. Our pilot team published a paper that will be out soon.

Identity and Intersectionality in Mathematics: Using interview and ethnographic data from multiple longitudinal studies, we are analyzing how disabled students construct identifications (or not) with mathematics, including how they are positioned in terms of disability, race, genders, and class.