Our Study:
Rachel Lambert (University of California Santa Barbara) and Edmund Harriss (University of Arkansas)(website) are beginning a study on the mathematical thinking/strengths of adults with dyslexia, focused on those who work in STEM. We seek to better understand how strengths associated with dyslexia, such as visual-spatial skills, may impact mathematical thinking at the highest levels. Our study is designed to leverage the understandings of experts with dyslexia, otherwise known as people with dyslexia.

We are in the pilot phase of this project. If you, or others you know, are interested, please email Edmund Harriss ( or Rachel Lambert (

The pilot study

In Phase 1 of the project, we will conduct two interviews with mathematicians/mathematical thinkers who have dyslexia. The interviews are focused on the individual’s experiences with STEM in school and in their career. These interviews could be in person (we would come to you) or over Zoom. Participants can choose to be anonymous or to be credited with their contributions.

In Phase 2, we will facilitate focus groups on designing math curriculum for students with dyslexia.

Phase 3 will be pilot testing particular curricular features with students with dyslexia.

For participants

You can sign up for the interview here: